What are the best times to negotiate on the forex ?

One of the main characteristics of the forex market and one of its major advantages is that it is open 24 hours/24, 5d/7. So one can trade forex in the forex, when we want, day and night. This being said, there are moments that are more conducive than others to reap the pips. Let us look at this in more detail.

On the foreign exchange market, a day is divided in 3 sessions : the Tokyo session, which opens around midnight and closes at 9am, the London session which begins at 8am and ends at 17h and the session of New York, which starts at 13h to close at 22h.
As you can see, it happens that the sessions overlap. The London session overlaps with that of Tokyo from 8h to 9h and the London session also overlaps with the session in New York from 13h to 17h.

The periods of overlap are most likely to earn a profit because it is during these moments that the volumes are often the most important and that traders are the most numerous.

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