Video: Fingerprint continues down

The stockholm stock exchange opened Friday’s trading with the overall lower courses.

Finferprint fell 6 percent on Thursday after its interim report, and continued 2.7 per cent down.

Vi8d 9.30 am-the time had OMXS30 index moved down 0.3 per cent to the level of 1,634, the Shares for more than sek 2.3 billion had been traded on the stockholm stock exchange.

Among the larger companies advanced Skanska by 0.6 per cent, Ericsson and H&M jumps up to 0, 4 percent. The Paradox of the operating profit rose to sek 38 million in the first quarter (25) and an increased proportion of sales of proprietary games lifted the margin. Turnover climbed 30 per cent to 121 million. The gaming company’s share was listed more than 3 percent up.

On makroagendan directed interest, particularly against the american retail at 14.30.

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