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FXStreet — The decline in multi-family houses had a negative impact on housing starts, per report month of April, while single-family homes experienced an increase. The Wells Fargo market analysts expect that the new owner-occupied homes is likely to trend this year.

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The house start have fallen by report month of April to 2.6 percent. This is due to a decline of 9.2 percent in multi-family buildings. The single-family homes, however, rose by only 0.4 percent. The building permits fell in the month, compared to 2.5 per cent, tend to be but still about the Baubeginnen.

The mild winter weather, which had supported the construction of homes for the beginning of the year, had made it difficult for housing starts this spring, is essential.

Despite the disappointing record, the house is start for the first four months of the year with 5.3 per cent in the Plus. The houses even of 7.0 percent.

We expect that the construction of homes will tend to be in this year. Housing starts are expected to document the 2017 a total of a gain of 7.3 percent.

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