Transfer from its trading account with a new broker, is it complicated ?

Sometimes and for various reasons we may want to change the forex broker. What happens then to his trading account ? How the transfer occurs there with the new broker? This is what we will see today.

Transfer from its trading account to its former to its new broker is not very complicated. It is, in effect, to open a trading account with the new broker that you have chosen and ask the customer support of the latter, to recover from your old broker to your client folder, and your funds.

Concretely, your new broker will have you sign an account transfer request that he would send him the same, afterwards, to your former broker. It is a document that acts as the declaration. It requires your old broker to transfer your trading account with your new broker.

Of course, for the operation to run smoothly, it is imperative to not have any active position (open) in the broker that you leave. In the contrary case, your old broker may refuse the transfer and you’ll recover your funds in an automatic way.

As you can see, transfer his / her trading account from one broker to another is relatively simple. Three steps and the turn is played. If you feel more in tune with your own, please do not hesitate to take the plunge !

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