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After the new year is the motivation to take care of your health at its peak. But the targets are becoming too high in relation to the time. Like this in February/march, there are many who give up because the plan to lose weight, write a book, etc is not going to keep. But how do you actually manage to keep their promises?

After half a year, keeps 10 per cent of those who used a new year’s resolution fast to what they have promised. All will fail at some point with their change or new habit. Those who can learn from their mistakes do better. What is it that makes some succeed and others fail?

Common sense and a willingness to do their very best

If there were a global database with new year’s resolutions, so it would appear that most are more or less ambitious. In the days bursting probably a lot of new year’s resolutions, but without a plan.

What I strive? Even if we still don’t earn on Forex, we must remember that the power of thought in how we feel is incredibly strong.

There is a widespread belief (supported by research) that most traders lose. The FSA reports show that 80% of the investors begin their adventure with a loss. It is not incomprehensible. The foreign exchange market and CFD trading is one of the hardest forms of investment. But we can completely blame ourselves that we set ourselves in this tough situation.

Lying to me is a fairy tale

As investors we are bombarded with information every day. The foreign exchange market is simple and everything is just lying – when you buy access, we look at the video or buy their book, will the door to success is opened for you. It does not work. You can earn money by using simple methods, but – it is not easy.

The loss from a different perspective:

You are in the operating room, and you will perform the operation. The surgeon left you the exact step-by-step description. What do you do?
Remember that this is a job that sets you up to face challenges. The same thing applies to the analysis and tradingarbete.

It takes time

Hard work requires that there is a case for what you are doing and to work to achieve the goal.

In order to become a surgeon you need to study hard in the 5.6 years, and then be able to start practicing under the supervision of an experienced physician. In total it takes about 10 years to be able to independently perform the operation. It is common that a person has high expectations of himself. Why think then that it is enough with one or two books?

In addition to the technical analysis and macroeconomic data, we will still need time to start to earn money. To stand firm that we need 10 to 000 hours in order to succeed with the subject is taken out of the air. 10 000-hour rule (tiotusentimmarsregeln) is an expression coined by Malcolm Gladwell based on the research of K. Anders Ericsson. According to Gladwell 10 000 hour rule, that anyone can become an expert at anything with 10,000 hours of practice. For a 24 hour active market, there will be approximately 417 days of continuous trading, or the equivalent of 1.7 years.

The holy Grail – the legend of great vitality

One thing I notice is that many seem to have begun to re-evaluate the market (they have no trading system, a strategy that will provide a fixed income).

The chart below reflects the way to ”market success”, which for many means a stable income.

The more I know about the market (because the market is a science) the more I become aware of what I don’t know. The road to a stable profit in such a difficult market, such as the foreign exchange market is long and bumpy.

‘Nothing in the world can replace perseverance. Talent does not; nothing is more common than talented people without success. Genius do not; obelönad genius has almost become a show. Training will not; the world is full of failed individuals with education and training. Perseverance and determination mean everything.’

John Calvin Coolidge (1872 – 1933) american politician, president of the united states

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