The trading on the Webtrader of eToro or the trading platform MT4 ?

Some traders who are just getting started in the world of online investment turns very often to the broker eToro, given that it is a broker ideal for beginners, they have, however, heard of the trading platform Metatrader (MT4 or MT5) which is one of the platforms that are most used in the world by the traders in the forex brokers and wondering why eToro does not offer Metatrader to its customers. The dealer probably has good reasons not to offer Metatrader to the traders and it has nothing to envy to this platform as we will see below.

What is the webtrader broker eToro ?

The trading platform of the broker eToro is what is called a webtrader, the working environment for traders and investors has been developed by the engineers of the broker eToro. The webtrader simply means that the trading platform is in fact launched through a web browser, as well a trader does not need to download, install, and update a trading software such as MetaTrader as the webtrader eToro is automatically updated online by the broker without the clients are troubled by this process when it takes place.

Etoro’s proposal to base a trading software desktop a few years ago but has decided to optimize its trading platform and develop only under the form of webtrader a practical point of view. In addition, the webtrader means that the trading platform of eToro may be used by any user of Macbook for example, something that is not possible with MetaTrader (unless you install several software packages that emulate the trading platform on the Mac, but that may possibly slow down the machine and the execution of trades).

The webtrader eToro is it worth MetaTrader 4 ?

Metatrader4 is a trading software that includes a number of technical indicators and therefore allows you to practice the graphical analysis of the optimal way. This is one of the big plus of this trading platform, however, the trading platform of eToro includes also a lot of technical indicators and it is therefore possible to conduct the same analyses that we would conduct on MetaTrader. The trading platform MetaTrader allows you to do the work of trading robots and integrate technical indicators developed itself to the charts, features not existing in the broker eToro.

The additional benefits of the broker eToro

Although eToro does not allow the addition of technical indicators and personalized trading robots on its platform, the broker has nothing to envy to the MetaTrader because it offers other technologies that are all equally interesting.

Let’s talk about the trading social for example, this practice, which is to copy the investments of other traders, eToro is the leader of the trading industry. Thanks to eToro any trader a beginner who has no knowledge of the financial markets can benefit from the knowledge of other traders in the trading network social and take advantage of the financial markets, he simply needs to properly select the traders you want to copy.

For some time, the forex broker eToro also allows you to invest in the CopyFunds. This type of investment allows a trader to invest in different kinds of investment funds (groups of stocks or traders

The practice of trading with the broker eToro

The benefits of the broker eToro are many, this broker offers a very complete and online, allows you to work in an environment that is effective and easy to take in hands, there is nothing surprising in the fact that this broker is among the forex brokers the most recommended for the beginners but also the experienced traders. In addition, Etoro is a forex broker to all, accessible to both beginners and investors not capitalized, it has licenses and met the compliance criteria of the european regulation MiFID, there is therefore no risk of scam for investment by speculating on the financial markets through its trading platform. Note that proceed to open an account eToro is possible from 200€ deposit and gives the right to the Warranty Forexagone.

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