The prices of homes and villas

The prices of bostdär and villas has increased exponentially in the last few decades. Especially in and around major cities. In Stockholm the average price per square meter of close to 70 000 dollars for a condominium in the innestaden. In stockholm you will pay slightly more than 42 000 sek in the kingdom slightly more than 28 000 kronor. Genomsnittpris for a villa in the Stockholm area is 4.2 million, but the prices of villas in attractive areas is significantly higher than that. And the prices continue to increase with omring 1% per month despite the fact that the experts say that the top is reached.

Many of bostadsägarna in Stockholm and other big cities, has become a millionaire thanks to the extreme price movements, but as long as it is not implemented in a sale, it is fictitious money , because the capital is not verligt until the possible profit to be realized. If a family in Sweden have taken their homes during the past few decades, the net capital from home an important part of the totalkonomin, and it should be taken into account when planning their finances and their investments.

Investment in villas and condominiums, as well as investments in the stock market, paid off during the last few years, even if it is difficult to compare the two different types of assets. For many bostadsköpet life’s biggest deal. Investments in the stock market is done with money that you do not need in the short term. It can be difficult to make a balance, if one is to repay the principal on the home loan or make investments in the stock market. Particularly appealing it is when interest rates far. It pays usually to repay the principal on the home loan instead of räntespara.

Many swedes take big loans when they purchase their home. Today allow the banks a borrowing of a maximum of 85%, and in the long term, learn the ceiling on mortgages in even higher tomb require a down payment. The collateral ratio is high in Sweden. If house prices fall it is important to have a margin of safety between the loan size and house value. The bank would like you to bind bostadsräntan. It serves the bank more than you, but the home loan at the same time gives better conditions and are cheaper than other loans. For a long time, it has paid off to have variable interest rates, which often have a fixed term of 3 months.

The low interest rates and the removal of the property tax has contributed to prosökningar in the housing market. There are experts who believe that the housing market is overvalued.


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