The broker Etoro, one of the start-up of the most influential ?

Etoro is a broker that offers speculate on the financial markets through investment products CFD’s. It provided traders with a trading platform full that lets you invest by oneself, but also and especially to practice social trading. This type of trading has been largely propelled by the broker eToro since 2008 which has become the reference in the field, thanks to the trading of social financial investment is facilitated and available to a larger world. Copy the investments of other traders on hundreds of financial markets is possible thanks to eToro who acts as an intermediary of simple, transparent and above all regulated by the financial authorities.

Etoro, the top 100 start-ups the most influential of 2016

The company 360Leaders which is specialized in the innovation, development and research for technology companies, assisted in order to optimize their business. This company is for high-growth companies and numerous multinational corporations in the world, e.g. BBC, Facebook, or even Telefonica. In other words, 360Leaders master the topic of start-up and note that a company which has the potential when she sees it. The company 360Leaders has established a ranking of the 100 FinTech (start-up) the most influential of 2016 (according to her) and would you believe that the broker eToro is part of this list.

One of the 10 startups to watch, according to CNBC

According to the chain information american CNBC, the broker Etoro would be the same in 10 start-ups to watch, in the sense that the company eToro is a certain innovation in the financial sector and largely dominates its sector.

Invest in trading via eToro

Etoro is a broker ideal for beginner traders but also for investors with an intermediate level or experienced. The eToro forex broker, is a leader in terms of trading social allows you to copy the investments of other traders and to practice the trading by yourself, it is as well that this broker form a complete solution adapted to all types of traders. Etoro offers the opportunity to speculate on an incredible number of financial markets, to its list of assets extends to the forex currency pairs stock indices through the raw materials, the cryptodevises but also the actions as we have recently reported on the blog (see the article about investment on Apple stock).

The broker eToro is suitable for all types of traders not only with regard to the fact that its trading platform social does not require any knowledge of the markets, but also to the fact that this broker is just as accessible to small investors as the most capitalized of them, in fact the opening of the account eToro is possible from 200€ deposit and gives the right to the Warranty Forexagone.

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