Silver – a safe investment in uncertain times

Silver (such as gold) is a good complement to other asset classes, such.ex shares.

In 1980, there were 72 500 tonnes of silver in the market. In 1990, the figure had dropped to 60 400. Today is silverreserverna basically non-existent.

The market price in Sweden for 1 oz silver is around $ 200.

Who is buying all the hear the silver as the investors and governments are selling off. The answer is industry. The silver is the most indispensable metals, which are used to produce goods, t.ex baterrier, biocides, catalysts, coins, electrical conductors, electronics, jewelry, medical devices, mirrors, photography, solar energy, vatterening, etc

Gold and silver have over the past hundred years been more undervärdat than anything else. Today is the relationship between silver and gold is 50 to 1. You can all believe that silvervärdet will come back with full force when the masses start rushing after the silver. The old ratio of 1 to 12 will be traversed. Because there will be less silver than gold to buy, there is even a chance that it will be worth just as much or more worth than gold.

If you mainly make your investment via your private pension account, you may wonder whether it is possible to combine this with a silverinnehav. To find it you must ask the bank or company that manages your retirement savings. If this is not possible, there are other companies who can help.


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