Sergey Azov – an interesting trader from Russia

eToro is probably the largest and most well-known social commerce platform more more than 5 million active users. Here you can find real gems in world trade. I think that this gem was found, and it is @SergejAzov.

Who would not like to have passive income. The vision to get rid of cash over a longer period and the purchase of government or corporate bonds, is probably not a good idea. As an investor, I want to have control over my own money, secure and sell shares before the price falls down.

With help, eToro, where thanks to the implemented search you will find dozens of profiles of traders from all over the world. But my attention is completely concentrated on a investors from Russia …

But before we proceed to the description of Sergei, we’ll take a look at his criteria:

Period – the last 12 months. I copy other investors to be sure that the results are no fluke. Repeated profits is the best recommendation!
Condition – verified, the profile picture is posted. Additional protection that improves my mental comfort.
The copy number of investors copying other traders is no criterion. One should pay attention to these values, but I hope I’ll find a rising star who has so far gone unnoticed.
Compensation of the period – the last 12 months. Minimum is 10% per year, even if no profile was characterized by such a low ROE.
Profitable months – decided to set this parameter in the range of 40-80%.
Risk indicator – risk eToro takes into account the bl.a. the average ratio for the medium risk, kapitalengagemang and maximum losses. Indikatoren is at the base level 1-6, because I know that the platform favors a secure trade.
Daily drop – I don’t want to lose more than 5% of the capital devoted to copy other traders.
Weekly drop – indikatoret 15%
The award – I’m skipping this criterion, but is open to different handelsstilar
Activities – an important point. I want to start note active traders. I sat the criterion of at least 100.

Sergiejs financial report

First – @SergejAzov protect strongly their capital. You can see it at a very low level of risk eToro (level 2, very safe) and statistics:

the largest daily decline 2,29%
the biggest decline in a week 3,11%
the largest annual decline to 4.98%
Sergiejs accumulated losses during the past 12 months, has risen more than the maximum loss that I am ready in a day!

Monthly statistics:
@SergejAzov has completed 147 transactions with an average of approximately three transactions per week. The average holding time is one month. Sergiej also remain on the good side of the market, ie the speed of profitability is 50%:
Serjiejs previous activities can bring alltmär genuine admiration.
To see which instruments are valid in the portfolio, we will record a free demo account and try the quality of the signals generated by the @SergiejAzov.
eToro also provides a tool to illustrate the potential kapitalkurvan that we would get by copying a given investor.
The results refer to the simulated investment of $ 10,000 with a stop loss order of 40%. The historical result can not, however, affect the future return on investment.

I began to copy Sergiej with a maximum stop loss of 25%. This means that Sergiej in the next few weeks will lose more than 25% of the capital.

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