Nial fuller’s Price Action – veckoöverblick 12-16 June


The pair retreated slightly, but the trend and momentum remains intact and focuses on this couple. Traders who have not yet had time to open longs can observe the pair on H4 or D1. Speculation suggests that the price remains above the support at 1,1100.


In the short term, see the AUDUSD look strong, but there is a lot of resistance levels, t.ex 0,7600 and 0,7750, so that we still do not know where we stand. As long as the price is below the resistance at 0,7600 remains the trend was negative.


Here we see a great sale — a result of the presidential elections in the united kingdom. The price is still above the support, near 1,2550 / 70, and it is where we will focus our attention this week. We remain bullish until the price exceeds this level, however, the suspension below the level would be a clear positive signal.


The rise in the past three days is the end of the year. Right now, we see that the trend is upward. Buying opportunities can occur in a week, near support level 1245,00.

The SPI 200

The SPI 200 is still under pressure. The course tries to exceed the level of 5800. Here, you can open a short position, with the target level of 5620 or lower.

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