Invest: Our expectations

Expectations are important

Traders will often enter the market with extremely unrealistic expectations about many things, such.ex on how long it takes to learn how to trade properly and to consistently succeed.
We expect profits, but you forget that each trading strategy may have an overall profit level of 60% (or less). This means that you will lose 40% of their business.
Given this random distribution, it is no wonder that so many traders lose their discipline and patience, start överhandla and lose money.

The important thing is that you find a way to describe your own techniques, so that it is easy to stick to. It should be a help for you, so that you can more easily stick to your method and just make the decision that is in line with the.

Our expectations about the future are made in the morning is more important than today. In a time when everything is available, we are more interested in what’s waiting behind the corner. The stock market is a perfect example to subscribe to the future – people buy shares in a business because they expect it to pay dividends in the future. And it is in the future it happens. Forget the dream of making quick clip on the stock exchange.

When does one become financially independent?

It is, of course, different from person to person. Some want to live affordably and do not have as high incomes. Others want a high standard of living. This requires high incomes. In order to be able to live solely on the income from their financial assets, without having to take of the capital, you need to have a capital of at least 15-30 million in financial assets.

Was the best trader you can be.

Whether you are a beginner or elite, you should have a goal that will help you to put your focus on the trading process and become a good trader.
As a trader, you should focus on the actual trading process, not on the profit and rewards.

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