IMF: A sustainable rise in German wage and price inflation it is necessary to leave the Euro zone inflation will rise to

FXStreet — The International monetary Fund (IMF) stated that there needs to be a sustained rise in the wage — and price-inflation in Germany Inflation in the Eurozone increases and the normalization of monetary policy may follow, as reported by Reuters.

Important quotes on Reuters:

• Germany should support the capital available to take advantage of the growth potential
• Investments in the physical and digital infrastructure are desirable
• The IMF recommends that Germany reform of the pension system, so that the longer Work will be more attractive
• German banks and life insurers must be their restructuring, accelerate profitable, and more resistant to
• The potential for growth in Germany in the medium term at 1.25% and the short term slightly higher
• The IMF sees the current account surplus in Germany of 8.2% last year to 7.5% in the year 2022, fall

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