GBP/USD: the Dollar has retained an exciting week in front of you, 1,2765 in the view

FXStreet Currently, the GBP/USD daily gain of 0.32 % at 1,2844, after the days high at 1,2852 and the Low at 1,2800 were formed.

The GBP/USD rallied at the beginning of the week of the 1,2770 above 1.2800. The broader picture remains intact, and the weakness of the Dollar in April and may, which allowed the Couple the recovery.

The most recent UK surveys have been negative, since the Conservative party to dismantle their leadership on the Labour. The week has a lot to offer. Fum at the end of the week is the US NFP will decide the fate of the Greenback, before the June FOMC meeting is pending.

GBP/USD could be a small recovery experience — Commerzbank

GBP/USD technical levels

«The technical readings of bergen, on intraday basis, the risk of a downward movement, while the 20-SMA is above the current price falls. This provides a dynamic resistance to 1,2895. The technical indicators have corrected overbought conditions, before they lost their upward strength,» said the FXStreet analyst Valeria Bednarik.

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