GBP/USD: Pullbacks cannot be ruled out — Natixis

FXStreet — The Natixis Research analyst Micaella Feldstein explains, is that the daily stochastics in the EUR/USD overbought, and a Pullback to 1.08 in-1,0820 (9-day MA) cannot be excluded. Another support lies at 1,0707 (day Bollinger MA).

Important Quotes

«These setbacks are not to be seen as a correction, which affect the positive Outlook. The upward bubble on the daily chart, and the increasing weekly volatility, as well as the bullish weeks indicators speak for a Test of the 1,0940-1,0952 (month Bollinger MA). A break beyond the 1,0985-1,10 (9-quarter-MA), the 1,1130 and 1,1220 to the goal.»

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