EUR/USD is undervalued — ING

FXStreet — the appreciation of The Euro compared to the US Dollar is a positive signal effect on the European G10-currencies. So the strong Euro is likely to initiate a change of tide in Europe, which should lead to the FX-universe upgrade (even the battered currencies such as the Norwegian Krone (NOK) and the British pound (GBP).

Important Quotes:

For European currencies, and the risks on the upper side, there are currently than the other way around, especially against the Greenback. This is the Basis for a stronger EUR/USD exchange rate . In addition, the Euro exchange rate stands at 12 percent below its fair value.

Short positions on the USD/SEK should run very well, probably even better than long positions on the EUR/USD. The reason for this is not a satisfactory extension of the purchase programme, the Swedish Central Bank. The EUR/SEK is, in addition, in the medium term overrated. Our fair value is 9,00.

** FXStreet News Editorial, FXStreet**

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