EUR/USD bids close to the 1.1300 — Commerzbank

FXStreet Karen Jones, head of FICC Technical analysis at Commerzbank, notes that the EUR/USD his commandments on 1,0944 maintain can.

Important Quotes

«The bids bids remain in place, while the November puts High of 1,1300 getting closer and closer. As long as the 1,0944 is intact, the immediate commandments.»

«The market has the potential to reach the mid-2016 High of 1,1400. We assume, however, that the Couple will have a long-term fight. In 1,1343 we have yet to see the 78,6% Retracement.»

“The upward trend day MA of 1,0826 is to be expected with a decline to the 200-and should there be a breakage, it will negate the upward pressure.”

** FXStreet News Editorial, FXStreet**

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