Do the trading by yourself, trading social, or both ?

Speculate by yourself on the financial markets requires some knowledge, including technical analysis and fundamental analysis. It cannot be improvised by a trader in a snap of your fingers, trader this is a real job that needs to be trained sufficiently in order to be most effective, this is why many individuals who want to take advantage of the financial markets follow an educational or training course of trading before throwing their money in the markets.

In parallel, a lot of people who sometimes do not have the time (or the desire) to practice the trading by themselves, turn to a practice that is to copy the investments of other traders, in other words they are what we call trading social.

Practice social trading does not necessarily require a lot of knowledge of markets, it may very well be nothing to know and copy other traders, the important thing is to make a smart selection of traders to copy (see video). Social trading offers many benefits, it allows you to take advantage of the knowledge and information from other people and replicate their performance on his own trading account. Of course, there are a few rules to follow to maximize its chances of success in trading social, such as respect for some management of the risk (do not bet everything on a single trade, diversify its investments).

It may very well be a trader mid-level or widely experienced and practicing social trading at the same time that its speculative trading of personal made on the financial markets. After all, for a trader who knows and who already earns money, social trading represents an additional way to generate profits and let the other traders to work at his place.

Regardless of how we speculate, the broker eToro seems like the ideal solution for any type of trader (trader experienced trader social trader that practice the two types of trading because the platform of this broker regulated allows to intervene on the markets by itself, access to a network of traders that can be copied, and also offers the possibility to be copied (in this case we take part in the program » popular investor «). The broker Etoro has licensing of european securities regulators, it gives the right to the Warranty Forexagone and open an account Etoro is possible from 200€ of deposit only.

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