Basmetallmarknaden noted additional cases

Basmetallmarknaden noted overall, further falls in price a bit in Tuesday’s trading.

If base metals: Despite the fact that steel is, without competition, the most used and dominant basmetallen on the physical market, it is aluminum, copper, nickel, zinc, lead, and tin, which are mainly traded on the commodity exchanges.

China’s foreign trade generated a surplus on the equivalent of just over 38 billion dollars in april, well above the according to Bloomberg News prognossammanställning waited just over 35 billion dollars. Both exports and imports grew much less than expected. Imports rose about 12 percent,but had anticipated to rise 18 percent.

Kopparterminen on the London Metal Exchange fell 1.5 per cent to 5.502 dollars per tonne, after having earlier been traded for 5.500 dollars.

Nickel falls by 0.7 per cent and is approaching 9.000 dollars. Järnmalmspriset plummeted 5 percent to 61:73 dollars per ton. On Monday, bounces the academic year, up slightly in Asia, but closed clearly below the current highest levels.

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