Bank of Canada Review spring 2017

FXStreet — Important quotes from the spring report of the Bank of Canada (BOC):

The slowdown in the economic performance since 2014 seems to be especially with the slump in global energy prices and a high level of macroeconomic uncertainty.

The investment cycles, compared to the previous Business is relatively weak, because there are in the current cycle are more factors than just demand.

While the recovery in energy prices since the beginning of 2016, they will remain in comparison to its level from 2014 right low. Also, the uncertainty remains high. The elimination of uncertainty, together with a broad loosening of credit conditions, in particular in the Euro area, could lead in the coming years to an acceleration of business investment in advanced economies.

Through the support of a stronger aggregate demand and the long-term potential growth of the economy, an acceleration of investment is likely to help to achieve faster growth rates.

In recent years, the advanced economies, a slowdown in the growth of the labour force as a result of an ageing society is experiencing.

A revival of business investment is expected to occur, but a return to the growth rates of before the crisis is unlikely.

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