AlexPlesk, PopularInvestor at eToro, 12,46% profit last month. Copy it !

The trader AlexPlesk is part of the best traders in the OpenBook for the month of may 2017. We used the tool of research of the trading platform social eToro in order to filter the traders to copy depending on certain criteria, including the performance achieved during the month of may 2017.

AlexPlesk reported 28% in the six months to the investors

AlexPlesk stands out among the traders the most interesting of the Openbook for the month of may 2017, but also in the long term. This trader has generated 12,46% profit during the month of may 2017, 10,11% in the month of April, to 0.21% in march, 3.91 in% in February and -0,72% in January. In other words, since the beginning of the year 2017 AlexPlesk has achieved an overall performance of 28,02%. If one goes back to the year 2016, while the trade was active only from the month of may, it has completed more than 58% of profit without any month-to-negative.

Concerning the risk taken by the trader, the statistics are not bad, since the drawdown daily this trader does not exceed 5%, the drawdown in weekly is less than 6% and the drawdown annual is less than 10%. The success rate of this trader is almost 64% is it has over$ 300,000 under management, which, in fact, a trader Elite level.

AlexPlesk has it all and copy the investments of the trader is a choice meant to a beginner in trading or social trading could be done. We recommend not to put all its eggs in one basket and to diversify their investments by copying 5 to 10 at a time, and preferably with a profile similar to AlexPlesk.

Social trading with the broker eToro

The eToro forex broker not only helps you to trade by oneself but also to copy the investments of other traders as we have discussed previously. It is important to make a smart selection of traders that think of copy in order to minimize its risk and maximize its chances of success on this type of trading. Remember that the broker eToro is regulated by CySEC and operates in accordance with the european directive MiFID, it is therefore a broker that can be trusted, if one wishes to engage in speculation on the financial markets. Etoro is a start-up to success and a forex broker ideal for beginners as well as experienced traders, an account opening is possible from 200€ only what pleases investors with little capitalized.

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