USD/CAD: recovery fizzles

FXStreet — The currency pair USD/CAD tried a recovery movement during the American business, as the Greenback with positive macro data journey started, but the Couple could finally no Momentum. Most recently it was listed on 1,3460 and to 0.18 percent in the

AUD/USD suffers from a USD-strength

FXStreet — According to a session high of 0,7460 shortly before the beginning of the American trading session for the currency pair AUD/USD is again down, as the Greenback versus its rivals, after good macro data from the United States, new bids received. The Couple listed recently on 0,7440 and to 0.20 per cent in […]

EUR/USD: room to the top? — Commerzbank

FXStreet — EUR-USD is about 1,12 increased. How far the recent USD-strength? It’s hard to say. Sure appears, however, that the air for this exchange rate will be thin, Ulrich said light man, the Commerzbank expert. Important Quotes: To was still the beginning of the year EUR-USD 1.04, and (almost) all the world already spoke […]

AUD/NZD holds negative Momentum — Westpac

FXStreet — The market analysts of the Australian Westpac Bank take a look at the conditions around the AUD/NZD. Important Quotes: AUD/NZD 1 day: negative Momentum remains intact. From a chart technical point of view, the next price target is 1,0570 (January high). AUD/NZD 1-3 month: Higher in the direction of 1,10. The currency pair […]

GBP/USD could fall back on 1,2816 — Commerzbank

FXStreet Karen Jones, head of FICC Technical analysis at Commerzbank, explained that the Cable for a Test of the 1,2816 risk. Important Quotes: The Sterling has difficulties with the High of 29. September 1,3060. The recent high-point was also confirmed not by the RSI indicator and day-to-day chart, the thirteenth census. Therefore, the market is […]