88% success rate to binary options, it is going to 50$ risk per trade

We have increased the size of our trades on our binary options account and this is because of our high rate of success. Detailed explanation below.

Our risk management

We have invested$ 30 per trade as you have certainly noticed that in our first two videos about the binary options strategy :

  • 201$ profit with the binary options strategy (17/4/17 — 21/4/17) – Forexagone
  • 379$ profit by April 17 with the binary options strategy – Forexagone

However, in our last video on the binary options trading entitled ‘452$ profit with binary options (1st week may) – Forexagone» our trades have been for$ 50 each and not$ 30. If we decided to increase the size of our trades it is because of our success rate.

In the 1st video trading our success rate has been 12 winning trades out of 14 (85.7% of success). In our 2nd video, we have won 11 trades out of 13 (84,6% success). During our 3rd video of trading it has been seen that 14 trades on 15 resulted in a profit (93,33% success). The performances speak for themselves and that is why we decided to spend our risk per trade of$ 30 (3% of our initial capital of$ 1,000) to$ 50. Out of a total of 42 trades made so far, 37 have proven to be winners, our success rate on binary options so for the time being of the order of 88.1% !!!

Take advantage of the binary options strategy of Forexagone

For this nothing more simple ! If you want to download a summary of the methodology that we use to take advantage of binary options just visit the page dedicated to this offer : The binary options strategy of Forexagone. The e-book of strategy downloadable is totally free and will allow you to receive a key method in hands, you will be able to make call and put option binary options maximize your chances of success on this type of product.

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