3 criteria to take into account when choosing your forex broker

You will find on the market, dozens and dozens of forex brokers. With an offering that is as comprehensive, it is sometimes difficult to opt for one that perfectly fits his or her expectations. To help you, here are three important criteria to take into account.

A broker regulated
In the first place, it is important to choose a broker regulated by a competent administrative authority. Choose one that is accredited by the Authority of the Financial Markets and not just authorised to exercise, this reveals a certain degree of seriousness. Avoid those who are registered on the black list of the brokers that the authority regularly publishes.

The concept of spread
The brokers are paid usually with the spreads. It is therefore an important element of your decision-making. The broker that seems to suit you apply there fixed spreads, variable, with or without a commission, etc ? This issue is of fundamental importance, because on each of your positions, a percentage will be charged by the broker, it is better that this be the minimum.

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